Anybody selling Air Jordan Retro Bred 11s: Size 6.5-8??

Anybody selling Air Jordan Retro Bred 11s: Size 6.5-8?? – by Wzmbo (IG:Wzmbo)

Review of the Nike Air Jordan Retro 6 Oreo’s at Street Gear, Hempstead NY – 516-538-1603

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  1. Mike Oxbig

    Best J’s are: 6, 13, spizikes

  2. paypamaker

    where do i cop these

  3. Cross Parker

    This is gonna be worth a hell of a lot of mugga in a few years

  4. MostSubsOrDieTrying

    anyone know a website i can get these? or a shop? i looked everywere :/

  5. 3pace22

    best j’s 1,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,13

  6. xxMidgetxxJL

    + 13′s

  7. ImSecretlyANinjaShh

    best Js are the 3,4,5,6,8,11

  8. ericguevara315

    Guys…….!! dont forget the 13s !???

  9. SkullCandyDGK69xD


  10. James8107

    In this particular “Oreo” colorway, no. But there are other Jordan 6 colorways that have been out over the years…just google

  11. Andru McCarty

    these are so fake look at the jumpman on the tounge of the shoe

  12. Gabriel Elizondo

    you forgot the 1′s that started the retro’s

  13. David johnson


  14. SkullCandyDGK69xD

    best Js r the 3,4,5,6,7,10.11


    Am selling these size 9 ..used for 145$ ..hit me up

  16. David johnson

    Where Can i Buy These? Been Looking all over

  17. yugiohreviewtrader

    they’re size sevens but take the soles out it fits size 8 they has a weird mark on the toe box like idk what it from but it has one crease that you can see. They’re pretty yellow not a dark yellow but mainly on the bottom of the sneaker and some chipping on the side of one of the shoe. may seem bad but i got alot of comments.

  18. iljitoto

    ur selling ur oreos ?? what size

  19. Wisoadobo


  20. jackrocks21899

    what is the tag number?

  21. jz50914

    SiCK Ass Shoess i Like Jordan 6s always

  22. JiveBAMcrew

    @TheEminem10 You can’t leave out the 1s. smh.

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